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A Local Tale of Smuggling-Shebbear College production
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

March 15, 2018 : The Shebbear College Senior School production last week was a huge hit with the packed audiences who came to see the performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Set in Hartland in the year 1816 and entitled ‘The Year Without a Summer’ the theme of the play was smuggling on the north Devon coast. The audience was taken on a journey into nineteenth-century Hartland; a community in which smuggling was rife and its effects were felt on every street corner and every clifftop. The sun was blocked out by mysterious blood-red clouds as two groups of smugglers prepare to land the next consignment of contraband goods from the continent. It is a community made up of tough people; people who never lose their sense of humour, in spite of the stearnest of tests thrown at them by the stearnest of adversaries ... the weather. Due to a volcanic explosion far, far away in Indonesia, there were blood-red skies ...
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By Neil Price, Co-Editor

February 27, 2018 : HATHERLEIGH MARKET in transition from good to GREAT
27th February 2018 temperature high but reading minus ONE
The MARKET the heart of Hatherleigh is heading for a bright bold future as the first phase of the transfer to a new management structure is now underway and looking good
Pictures here
Regular auctions at Pyles' down the road and coffee mornings in both the Methodist Church and Old Schools, Market Square also the Market Cafe run by "BJ"
see you next week buyers and sellers alike.

Market update
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

February 21, 2018 : Charles Dumpleton, director of the Ruby Country Partnership Ltd. writes “A meeting was held on Monday 19th between the developers of Hatherleigh Market and the town council, traders, Ruby Country and other interested parties to discuss what happens between Vicks retiring and the building of a new market.The results of this meeting are, firstly that Ruby Country is to be the lead organisation in keeping things going. Kingswood Homes are willing to allow the pannier market the use of the sheep shed, providing that all outgoings are paid by Ruby Country. Mark Kimber is going to bring the fur and feather market into part of the sheep market and also will run a general markrt. The amount of outside space and car parking will vary at times during the build.So the good news is that Hatherleigh's Tuesady Pannier Market is to continue firstly under Vicks management and then under the control of Ruby Country.”

March Pump now online
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

February 20, 2018 : The March 2018 Pump now online Here

Hatherleigh Market transition
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

February 16, 2018 : Clare Tyson the Mayor writes By the time you read this we will be approaching March and close to Vicks Auctioneers hanging up their gavel! I write this on 15th Feb and the situation as understood today is: • The Tuesday market stalls (indoor and out) will be continuing as usual in the market area selling its array of goods and delicious local produce (the indoor may move into the larger sheep pens building). • The fur/feather auction will move to continue its sales in the old Natwest bank building until further notice, selling eggs/poultry equipment, plants & produce, and other items (no animals as a temporary measure). • Ruby Country will manage the market stalls. Contact Charles Dumpleton for more information. • There will be a catering unit onsite and refreshments are still available as usual at the Old Schools & Methodist Church coffee mornings, and town café. • Kingswood Homes and the working party are meeting to discuss transitional arrangements. They are keen to ...
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Old Market Auctions
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

February 12, 2018 : 10am every Tuesday throughout March in the old NATWEST building Doors open for booking from 7:30am This is a cash only auction Sellers 25p per lot plus 10% of the hammer price. Buyers premium 15%, please call Debbie on 07538547865 Please ring to reserve a place

KING ARTHUR - February 15-17
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

January 19, 2018 :

KING ARTHUR Hatherleigh Players Presents: King Arthur The Panto By Limelight Scripts Come and see the legendary story of King Arthur performed by Hatherleigh Players in this hilarious pantomime version. There is music, comedy and some very unexpected characters may appear in the midst of the Knights of the Round Table, fair maidens, a dragon and Merlin the magician. Brilliant entertainment for adults and children alike. Performances are at Hatherleigh Community Centre on the 15th, 16th and 17th of February 2018 at 7:30pm nightly with a Saturday matinee on the 17th at 2:00pm. Tickets are £8 for adults, £6 for concessions and £4 for children. Tickets are available from Richard Tidball Insurance Services, Hatherleigh. You can pop in or call 01837 810010 to book. There is numbered seating so book early to get your preferred seats. Bar and refreshments available.

Stranger things happen on the way to Northlew
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

January 16, 2018 : It has just come to my notice. Strange things are going on on the road to Northlew. A few months ago something strange appeared in one of the hedges. It was visible only to someone entering one of the farm tracks, off the main road and was positioned well into the hedge. As the attached photo shows, it's a piece of wooden board, roughly 15 x 6 inches, painted matt black and with twin oval shapes, made of luminous yellow plastic, stuck on it. It was fastened to a small branch in the hedgerow using several twists of stout wire. None of the locals are owning up to knowing anything about the sign. It took wire cutters and industrial gloves to remove it! Any ideas? Is it a warning from someone? Are we being watched and by whom? Google, Microsoft, GCHQ? A curse from beyond? A Halloween Prank? Jilly Chandler says “With regard to the picture of the ...
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New Year! New Market!
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

January 13, 2018 :

Charles Dumpleton has a grand vision for a thriving, viable market in Hatherleigh for the future.
The continuation of the Market  EVERY Tuesday is essential. The market is here to stay!
The Ruby Country are looking for a Tuesday Manager, the job description is here. If interested please email Charles Dumpleton here

As Greg Vick stands down Ruby Country stands up to the plate. It is all hands to the pump to make the vision a reality. It is early days in the creation of the new market but it has a great past to live up to! The traders and the locals both have their parts to play. What is clear is that the major changes are planned to take place at the end of February so a transition period is required to keep the numbers of both traders ...
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River Dip, Water High
By Geoff Hodgkinson, Co-Editor

January 1, 2018 :
The 2018 Walruses New Year Show featured a Nativity, complete with stable, golden star and a variety of Kings and Shepherds. The Walruses pretended to be kids under the supervision of Miss, who endeavoured to keep everyone under control. With Mary off behind the bike sheds (which soon burned down) and flour bombs raining everywhere she brought the sketch to a timely conclusion as baby Jesus appeared in the manger. Then it was time to jump into the river, which this year was waist-high for some participants. Their two minutes duly endured, they retired to the bonfire (bike shed) to warm up). Then it was back to the Cricket Club to enjoy hot food and drinks. Well done Walruses. Local good causes benefit from the event. It's been held for decades and is one of Hatherleigh's most enjoyed traditions. Here's a first image. More HERE.




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Mail geoff@ggh.co.uk to order, or buy from Ruby Information Centre or The George Hotel. All proceeds to TB funds.


is on Nov 11th, 2017

Here's a flavour of the 2015 event

Queen 2015 (courtesy of Jilly Chandler)

Queen (2015)

Peter Rabbit (crepe paper, 2015)

Mary Poppins (pm, 2015)

Snap, Crackle, Pop (crepe paper 2015)

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