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October Pump now online
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

September 25, 2017 : The October 2017 Pump now online Here

Police Commisioners Report
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

September 23, 2017 :

Alison Hernandez' monthly report brings you news and updates from your Police and Crime Commissioner Here

Mayor's reply re-potboilers below
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

September 11, 2017 : Clare Tyson, Mayor of Hatherleigh Writes
Dear Potboilers,
In light of the letter last month which hailed criticism on the Hatherleigh Moor Management Committee (HMMC) I would like to state my support and appreciation for the HMMC and wish it to be known with a few facts that have been missed amongst the flurry of pound signs.

1. The Constitution does not mention at all that if potboilers don’t graze animals or collect their gorse for fuel that they should be entitled to remuneration of any kind. 

2. The introduction of money came about through government schemes to support farmers. If you’re not a registered farmer you’re not entitled to claim diddly squat.

3. Only ‘active’ farmers can submit claims for government money for grazing animals on common land. Information is easily available on the internet.

4. Whatever medieval rights were once held for potboilers the legislation in the 21st century ...
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Songwriting Duo Publishes Latest Song
By Geoff Hodgkinson, Co-Editor

September 9, 2017 :

The latest song from Hatherleigh's songwriting partnership Love Rice is now online HERE. Called "Bring Your Love", it features singer Christy Rice (that's her in the picture) on vocals and backing harmonies, with producer Rob Love multi-tracking numerous guitars in a sumptious rock ballad that was recorded at Johns Park Studios in Exbourne. Recorded over three sessions in July , "Bring Your Love" is one more in a string of great songs written by Rob and Christy (find more on Soundcloud). Johns Park Studio is a purpose-built venue for recording music and sound. Owner Geoff Hodgkinson is offering free sessions to singers and bands who bring along some kind of original material. "I want to encourage talented artists of all ages to push their boundaries and reach for the stars," says Geoff. "I have loads of experience and knowledge of music and I'll be ...
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"The Craft Room" by Dave NOT the CAT
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

August 29, 2017 :

As I am on Holiday, to keep me quiet my wife bought me a book, as she was generous to a point, she let me read it on her Kindle. Thank you, Susan. Oh the book I hear you cry! “The Craft Room” by Dave “Not the Cat”, a local long haired singer often seen locally busking around with a chap called Rob.  A page turning thriller, dark and disturbing in places. Logic taken and twisted on occasions with comedy thrown in! Get your copy here from Amazon. A warning to those with a delicate nature, a cat or two does not survive! I understand it is fiction after all. Susan says “It was money well spent for that peace and quiet, except for the odd chuckle!” Well done Dave!

Good News for Potboilers
By Don Cudmore

August 23, 2017 : Good News for Hatherleigh Potboilers
Following a refusal by Hatherleigh Moor Management Committee (HMMC) in February 2016 to supply a list of Qualifying Potboilers addresses because of the Data Protection Act, it was decided to seek advice.

We soon discovered that the 98 page document was in fact a "Public Document" and a copy was obtained from Devon County Council. This can now be viewed via Hatherleigh.net here, also here is a 1 page copy of the Constitution of HMMC.

Residents should check to see if their house is listed because if it is they are entitled to receive a "Token Payment" each December which currently stands at £60 per year. The requirements of HMMC necessitate that the resident must have occupied the property for at least a year commencing in November. If in doubt please contact the HMMC, You will also note the ...
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Cups Galore at Gardeners Show
By Geoff Hodgkinson, Co-Editor

August 21, 2017 :

xxxThe Gardening Club held their 22nd Flower and Produce Show on Saturday and we were invited to judge the photography competition. 6 categories were on display and although the quality of the images was generally on the adequate side, it's obvious that smartphones are making some photographers lazy. Come on guys - real photographers can do better! Overall it was a great day however, both from the hospitality side from the judges point of view (thank you Chairman Mike, Sue and backroom team), and from the main Show's point of view. The children's entries were charming and the flower, floral, fruit, vegetable and cookery classes produced work of a very high standard. We looked on with envy as judge Joan Weeks tasted the entries ... particularly the coffee and walnut cakes! Wow. It was no surprise that one of them - made by Audrey Reynolds - won Best in ...
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“Music in the Barn”
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

August 17, 2017 : Our “Music in the Barn” Day The day dawned bright, sunny and warm on Saturday 13th May 2017 for ourMusical Afternoon in the Barn at our home “Oakhayes” between Monkokehampton and Winkleigh. After a week spent preparing the Big Barn for the Orchestra known as the Bondleigh Barn Band to perform in, also to accommodate the audience, together with the Baby Barn which our team of 5 ladies used to prepare the Devon Cream Teas, all was at last ready. In great anticipation, 39 musicians turned up at 1.45pm to park iin the field and then to tune their instruments in readiness for playing, and from 2pm onwards about 200 folk arrived to listen to us playing everything from Classic, Jazz, Folk including “Midnight in Moscow” “Calypso” “Carmen” “Alexander's Ragtime Band” “Immigration Blues” a Polka and many more including sing-along songs which everyone joined in with gusty ! We made it easy by having the words on ...
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Meeth History Snippets
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

August 7, 2017 : Meeth History Snippets The Domesday Book 1086/1087 gives these place names:-Meda; Meeth, Estochelia;Stockleigh Barton, Hiwis;Huish, Torilande;Gt. Torrington, Adrelie, Hatherleigh, Ochementone;Okehampton In 1259 the Rector is named as Vilbert de Wiltone. In 1349 and again in 1360 the Rectors died from the Black Death. Meeth is recorded as having 3 Bartons –William Crocker held Crockershele in Edward IIs reign Matthew Giffard held Giffardshele in Edward IIIs reign and in 1630 Elizabeth Frye held Fryeshele together with husband Parker of North Molton. (Family name Fryer 1228, Freye 1550) thus Friars Hele is not connected with friars. In 1868 Meeth had 2 Manors, those of Meeth and Fryes Hele. Lord of the Manor of Fryes Hele was John Parker, Earl of Morley, whose family seat was Saltram House. Lord of the Manor of Meeth was Richard Preston esq, M.P. In 1912 both manors were sold in auction lots on the instruction of Robert Preston Preston-Whyte. More next month.

“Hatherleigh Scraps”
By History Society

July 16, 2017 : “Hatherleigh Scraps” from Old Hatherleigh Parochial Magazines June 1896 1. The Okement rises in the neighbourhood of Cranmere Pool. 2. The Torridge rises at Woodleigh Burrow, near Morwenstowe. 3. George Boughton was Vicar of Hatherleigh for over 56 years. 4. Craddock Glascott only published one thing-“A Sermon on the American War”-which the present Vicar has seen in the British Museum. 5. Cradock Glascott was Chaplain to the Earl of Buchan. 6. Mr Henry Mallet Veale, JP., of Passaford, was at Rugby School under the great Dr Arnold. 7. The bog-bean grows on Hatherleigh Moor. 8. Seven kinds of Heather may be found in Hatherleigh. 9. Golf Links were made on Runnon Moor in the spring of 1894. 10. The “Lady`s Stile” was the stile in the old footpath which formerly led from the Market Street to the Lady Chapel-the Eastern end of the South Aisle of the church. From “Trewman`s Exeter Flying Post” 4th Oct. 1855 “Hatherleigh. An aged Pedestrian - Mrs Cherry Heywood, upwards of eighty-one years ...
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Here's a flavour of the 2015 event

Queen 2015 (courtesy of Jilly Chandler)

Queen (2015)

Peter Rabbit (crepe paper, 2015)

Mary Poppins (pm, 2015)

Snap, Crackle, Pop (crepe paper 2015)

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