ELF Country Fair 2008
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Page updated: July 23, 2008

ELF Country Fair

The Old Station, Hatherleigh

Held by the Old Station, Hatherleigh, on land owned by Sue and Rupert Lascelles (right), this fair was the fourth in this annual series ... and by far the most professional so far we reckon. Highly organised and packed full of great displays, entertainment and value, it had space for 10 times as many people than came. Not that it was empty of visitors - far from it - as you'll see in the photos below.

Sue has been battling Leukemia since 2000 and has been organising the Fair to raise funds for the Exeter Leukemia Fund (ELF). So far she's raised more than £30,000. Last year's fair was hit badly by the weather, which might explain the lower numbers this year.

Take note, dear reader, this is an event packed with value for the family, even if you're not into country things like shooting. Come next year, repay the hard work put in by Sue and her colleagues and perhaps be surprised.

Here's the ELF Fair web site, with more excellent information about ELF and previous fairs. No doubt the 2008 results will be online shortly.

There were loads of things taking place including a Clay Pigeon shoot that lasted all day. Ferret Racing, a Gun Dog Scurry and Fly Casting were also happening. Even Huskies and various crafts got a look in.

Arena events included: Arab horses; K9 Dog display; Raptor Display; Tug of War; and a Dog Show with the following classes:

  • Best Working Gun Dog
  • Best Working Terrier Dog
  • Best Pedigree Dog, 6-18 months
  • Best Pedigree Adult Dog
  • Best Condition
  • Best Veteran Dog, over 8 years
  • Waggiest Tail/Happiest Dog
  • Dog most like its owner (fancy dress optional)
  • Junior Handler under 14 years old
  • Dog the Judge would most like to take home
  • Best in Show (from winners of previous classes)

Jumping, catching and ...

... dancing!

Making the kids do what the dog does!


A Falkland Island 'something' that spends a lot of time walking!

No caption needed.

'Conan', who shortly after this picture was taken flew off to the trees and refused to come back. At 5.30pm his handler was still trying to talk him down!

Winners: the Folly Tuggers

Do you come here often?


Notice, the all important bone!
Men and their Machines



And finally ...



Those of a nervous disposition should not look below this line











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