Festival 2008
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Page updated: July 25, 2008

Hatherleigh Festival 2008

The annual Hatherleigh Festival took place in warm and dry conditions. Organised by Claire Gladstone (right) and colleagues to a high standard the Festival included the usual mix of fun, music and entertainment. Comments from our side include: far too much red light on centre stage and perhaps there's not enough that's fresh enough to attract new audiences. Overall, however, it was a good event and bearing in mind the amount of organisation that goes into these things it was a fine effort by all concerned.

We missed an earlier fringe event featuring an ABBA tribute band because of the day job so there are no pictures of that - sorry! Also the family came over from Canton, NY, and as we hadn't seen them for a year it was not fair to disappear for a weekend. We got them involved however, and photographer's apprentice Tim Melville (aged 12) was responsible for some of the pictures below.


ABBA Update

July 25th: Alan Beaman sent us a couple of stills from a video he made of the ABBA tribute concert.
Thanks Alan.
Some atmosphere

One of the many arts classes and events taking place around the town.

A passing troubadour, busking in the street

This threesome entertained in The Square with a lively and professional set of folk mixed with modern - as the sax implies perhaps.
Bruce Airhead



Bruce turned out to be a gentleman and a perfect entertainer, keen to talk and be photographed before his appearance in the Marquee. He also invited us to view his act from behind as that gave the best pictures, he said, with the audience involved.

He was right! We missed some of the frontal views but for the high points of his act we were perfectly placed, especially as he played to our camera at several key moments ... as you'll see below.

Deb got roped in to help.

No, she didn't actually get into the bubble!

Dapper Bruce then turned into an all-in wrestler.

Next came some posing.

Then he lost his head ...

... and took the world on his shoulders ...

... pretending to be Atlas

Then came the disappearing trick.

One leg left!

All gone!

Lots of wobbling, and then (see bubble top) ...

"... I'm back!"

Let's wave our arms!

Finally, a secret glance to signal what was about to come ...

... so we kept shooting, and you can see the balloon collapsing (bottom left corner), but even we were surprised by ...

... this!

Bruce turns to the camera one last time. Cheers Bruce!
Church Flowers

An enigma?
Revolvin Door

Oh, and let's not forget A major player ...



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