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Hatherleigh Festival 2011 - Jazz and Jaguars in The Square

Hatherleigh Festival took place over the weekend of July 28-31st 2011, featuring a plethora of craft, dance, music, theatre and other events in and around the town. Full details here. It's a big event to cover photographically but we tried our best. We apologise to those people and their talents whom we failed to reach. Invite us personally next year and tell us why your event is special and we'll respond. Here's a flavour of the two days, hopefully good enough to give you an idea of what Hatherleigh can deliver.

Left are I'm in Love who played on Friday evening. Right, in The Square, a mastiff amputates a finger as Martin tries to sell me a video of himself in my bed (don't ask!).

PS: Musos might like to know that rare sightings of a Fender Jaguar and a Fender Jazz Bass occurred this weekend.


A breath of fresh air blew through Hatherleigh Festival's first night in the Square marquee with a rousing hiphop performance from Bournemouth-based Zuby . Zuby held the crowd with a 45 minute act that merged the risks of rap with a personality that was determined to entertain young and old alike. We sometimes did not get the full meaning of the lyrics (he said that's because we were not listening fast enough!) but the fun and message elements came over well. Not an easy gig, but it worked. Later, I'm in Love took over (original they certainly were, and the double drums bit hit the mark, but we would have preferred to hear some easy music hooks too - that's their picture above left BTW), followed by Killamonjambo (who we missed, sorry!) Meanwhile, down in the Centre, the Take That Experience wowed the crowds with their tribute to the real thing. We also missed them! Here's Zuby below (His tee-shirt was blue - the strange colour in the centre image was due to the spotlights!)


We started Day Two with a visit to the Street Dance sessions in the Community Centre. Then onto music in the Square, starting with a Bluegrass session from a four-piece calling themselves The Hog Ranch. Modeling themselves on an old-time Nashville radio image, the four clustered around a single microphone designed to pick up everything, with the singer having to bend to be heard. It made a charming picture to support their pleasant music. Pictures here. Next came Dan the Hat, in complete contrast with his juggling of almost anything to hand - tennis racquets, balls and even children if they came within range! We have some great pictures of him doing a trick with four spoons. Pictures here. It was then back to the music, with Rob and Dave being boosted by 'added Izzy'. Her opening number stilled the audience chatter in an instant and there's no doubting the quality of her voice but during the set we wished Rob and Dave had opened it up a bit too. Pictures here. Next on was Josie Lloyd with her take on the delta blues and similar genres. A good and original act, but does that steel guitar really need amplifying Josie? Pictures here. After that it was back to modern times. We missed Ten Five Sixty but arrived back for Century Man whose bid to reach 11 on the PA system spoilt the sound, especially that of their guitarist. Finally came Black Friday, whose good old Irish style music could not stop the crowd pogo-ing even during the sound check! Each member shone but we remember best the bassist whose style was genuinely smooth. Black Friday defied photography because we could not get near enough!

Footballs ...

Tennis Racquets ...

Hats ...

More balls ...

Hey mister, you dropped one!

You want me to do what?

Get ready to catch ...


More hats

Footballs again

Two balls this time

One of those funny Chinese things that climbs a string

Even more hats

and finally ..


Don't try this at home kids!



plus unnamed drummer.


Izzy (in case you couldn't work it out.)



Josie's a bit tough to photograph more than once because she sings and plays and that's all she needs to do,
so the pictures tend to look samey despite her great facial acting. So, we tried another approach:


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