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Page updated: July 23, 2008

Carnival 2006 Home Page


The 2006 committee (well most of them)

Steve Doidge, Mark Wonnacott, Robert Hill, Dawn Stevens (Treasurer), Mark Reddaway (Chairman), Ian Grantham, Jean Newcombe, Gavin Brooks, Pat Bottoms, Roger Bunker, Linda Wonnacott, Natalie Winser, Dougal Stevens, Jackie Entwistle, Louise Bater, Cindy Squire (Press Secretary), Mandy Wonnacott (Carnival Secretary), Donald Edwards, Tracey Anstey, Shirley Dilling (Vice-Chair), Treena Stacey and Kathy Kilsby. (Not able to attend this photo session were: Madeline Taylor, Alma Knight (Assistant Treasurer), Andrew Anstey and Brian Doidge)


News Updates

November 10th, 5pm: A big apology to visitors looking for a NetCam. It won't work properly so we have to disappoint you - sorry. Keep visiting though as we'll upload a selection of images here as fast as things happen, starting at about 9pm UK time tonight after the kids pull the barrels up the hill.

November 8th: A historic 'first'. Download the Carnival programme here to find out what's happening and when.









October 31st (Halloween!): Back room work is reaching a frenzy with less than 2 weeks to go. The crepe paper has long since been cut (right), a labour of love if ever there was one involving thousands upon thousands of scissor cuts and several clothes pegs! And that's not to mention the hours of glueing that follows as the design is painstakingly built up one crepe paper strip at a time.

Hatherleigh Carnival is famous for its crepe paper floats so no one complains ... well not much anyway! However, if anyone out there has a machine that will do the work, please let us know.

One float we have been following has barely reached the stage of being extracted from the field in which it's spent the summer. We're mentioning no names, but they are still confident they'll be making merry on Carnival Day even if, to judge by the length of some fingernails, the frowns and the nervous laughs, none of the participants seems to know how they will get there in time! Ah well, that's Carnival ... and they will!

The big news on the Tar Barrels front is that this year, for the first time, the runners and backup team will wear special tee-shirts to clearly identify them. This is to ensure the Committee knows in advance who will pull, for safety and insurance reasons. No one else will be allowed to participate so, please note that, if you are thinking of turning up in the hope of joining in, you will not be able to unless you've attended the Committee meetings and are wearing your tee-shirt. Sorry, but that's the price of protecting the future of this most important part of Hatherleigh Carnival.

The tee-shirts (advance art-work shown right) have been specially designed and produced by the Tar Barrel Committee in conjunction with Winkleigh Cider and the shirts also carry their new strapline - 'Tis a Devon Thing' - which everyone thinks is perfect. We're looking forward to seeing the 'team' coming down Market Street at 5am. Be there!

The Tar Barrel Committee thanks Margaret Bridgeman and colleagues for their kind cooperation and has invited them to be special guests on Carnival Day.


PICTURES HERE> Friday Evening | Saturday Morning | Saturday Afternoon | Saturday Evening | Tar Barrels


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