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HATHERLEIGH MARKET Comments received so far!

Received on the Petition

"The Owners of the Market, own a Market of a certain value, and they are entitled to sell it as such. They are not entitled to sell it as anything else." T.P.

Will make Hatherleigh a ghost town if the market closes down. It utilises with car boot sales throughout the year and other events. It is also a social gathering on market days & people come to visit from far and wide.

I cannot believe they are even thinking about closing this market.

the market is very much a part of the heritage of north/ west devon.

It creates a wonderful opportunity for community gathering, marketing and social opportunity. It would be crass to take away something that is so successful and something that other villages would be more than appreciative of being able to attend themselves. Please help to keep it operational.

As a visitor, the market draws me to visit Hatherleigh. It's closure would weaken tourism in the area and be a sad loss to maintaining a vibrant community. Whilst I appreciate that it is privately owned, perhaps the Town or Devon Council could consider options to get actively involved to retain it e.g. land swap, leasing, mixed use, alternative locations. Hopefully the consultation will identify other options than just private housing development. As ever though finance will be the constraining factor.

I really enjoy my visits to the Market and feel it fulfills a community need. Long may it continue!

" kill hatherleigh market and you kill hatherleigh." P.S.

" This is the last market in Torridge area, the TDC should step in and buy it out of the savings they could make in not fighting other developments because they are frightened of pressure groups." T.E.

" Keep Hatherleigh market" J.S.

"Hatherleigh Market is a tradition which should continue too many towns and villages are losing places like this to make way for houses ,industrial units etc and its wrong. The old historic ways are good people come from miles to meet up and chat , buy and sell there wares. much better than sat on bloody computors !" L.B. and friends

" Hatherleigh market is soo important to the community and to the county. If other markets can be profitable then what can be learnt from them which can be used at Hatherleigh" K.E.

" Keep us unique and special or the economy of our town will be gone." H.T.

" hatherleigh market is part of our local heritage,please don't destroy that!" S. P.

" It is essential for rural life in this area that this weekly market continues in some form or other. Complete closure will spell the death of many businesses in Hatherleigh. Please could the wording of the petition be corrected?" S.H.

" People live here, and move here from afar because it is a market town. If they take the market away it will ruin this lovely town" C. C.

" This is a verym unique Market. It must be saved" Mr. and Mrs. R.C.

" It is very important for the local rural community to have a livestock market" P. & J. A.


" Hatherleigh is not a big enough to sustain more houses, and losing the market would just rip what is left of the heart of it." F.A.

" A traditional historical market that must be saved" A.B.

" I love Hatherleigh market. It`s an important part of Devon and must stay." K.J.

" I go to the market every Tuesday, and I want it to continue." Anon

" Hatherleigh is the only part of England that I am looking forward to coming home to! Would be a shame to lose the Tuesday town buzz, and the hit on the towns economy wouldn't be too great either!" F.B.

" I cant believe this is happening. an old meeting place for many ,young and old steeped with tradition and they want to build houses???????" N.S.

" got to preserve last traditional market left i have come to this market over 50 years and i am a local born and bred (most unusual these days)" S.C.

"Please don t destroy this traditional market, it would kill the town completely!" A. H.

"This traditional Market is a great asset to the area and should be maintained at all costs - in my view.!!" C.P.

"The weekly market is a great occasion, which is valued over a wide area, and brings value to the town." M.D.

" In the light of today's economic and social climate surely local is best." A.S.

" I love Hatherleigh market. It`s an important part of Devon and must stay." K.J.

" Hatherleigh Market has, over 100's of years become the core of Hatherleigh and it would change the village beyond all recognition if it were to go. We need to retain this market and stop Hatherleigh becoming yet another dormitory town and to maintain all the local industry that depends on it for their outlets." anon

"The current pace of change is unnecessarily high and is woefully inconsiderate of local tradition and needs. The recent situation in London and elsewhere is an indication that you ignore public preference at your peril." M. H.

"Please do not close down this lively and varied market, it is a lifeline for the town and a wonderful addition to Hatherleigh, something that the town and people from many miles around will sorely miss should it be closed. People these days are encouraged to shop locally, so please don't remove one of the sources of local shopping!" S.B.

"The best market ever been to. Traditon at its best.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " S.N.

" i have visited Hatherly market for many years ,we make a day of it +purchase poultry,pot's jam,and anything else that catches our eye,it is part of our live's .we would mourn the lose of the market,and the way of life it represent's" E.W.

" What has happened to the new Localism Law ? The government stated that new planning permission would only be granted if the whole community agreed to it so how can the WDBC have the final say as to what we have in Hatherleigh?" from R. and A. S.

" Don't let this wonderful and traditional market die out. If it must be downsized, please retain the 'essence' of what it has been in the past so that future generations do not lose out." from B.M.

" Change is not always for the better" from S.W.

" I am not against the commercial proposition of selling the land. I'm strongly against the development of the marketplace into a residential area as the existing infrastructure of the town would not be able cope. The development of the marketplace into a residential area will suck the soul out of Hatherleigh town as we know it. Also if even if WDC do give us assurances I do not think that they will be able keep their promises to the satisfaction of the affected community. For one where will they find the budget? (most learned people know that the government / Local authorities need to make cuts) and secondly if their consultation approach is anything like we have seen already seen so far then they will not meet the expectations of the community." C.B.

" There are too few traditional markets as it is, please dont close this one." S.F.

" Don't let this wonderful and traditional market die out. If it must be downsized, please retain the 'essence' of what it has been in the past so that future generations do not lose out." B.M.


I dont know whether you have seen on the WDBC website this week, that they are proposing in the Local Plan for building in the future in the West Devon Area, that if more than 10 units are built in any one development, that 40% have got to be “affordable housing” which, if the proposals for the market goes ahead, it means that if 170 houses are built 68 will have to be affordable with all the trouble that could bring to the area. They have a returnable form on their website for comments of which their is a 6 week consultation period. Regards Ron Steel


Letter received from Bob Lane, Devon Planning

Dear Mr Price

We have started to receive letters and emails about the proposed closure of Hatherleigh Market and potential redevelopment of the site. This is not a proposal that Devon County Council's Planning Department has any involvement with. Whilst I am happy to respond to correspondence it will only be to redirect the authors to Hatherleigh Town Council who, West Devon Borough Council tell me, are currently the responsible body. Perhaps you would be kind enough to advise your readership and Action Group Members that DCC has no involvement with this matter at this point.

Best regards Bob Lane Acting Planning Performance and Customer Services Officer Development

Management Devon County Council Alan Beaman's comments on the meeting 24th August here

A Personal Statement by Dennis Bater, past West Devon Councillor for Hatherleigh Ward

At this point I would like to give an history of the market to help many newer residents of Hatherleigh some of this can be read in my book Farm Workers Son To Mayor.
Just after the 2.W War Jo Vick took over a run down area just behind Hancocks Garage. it consisted some pens down to the cafe which was then the Cow shed (the floor still shows some of the existing gutters) By the mid fifties he had made this into one of the biggest markets in Devon buildings shot up by the week.
By the mid sixties he built the Abattoir but shortly after. Foot and Mouth reared its head at Winkleigh this caused the market to shut for a month causing major financial problems for the company.
The abattoir was sold off and is now the only large abattoir left in Devon, from then on the empire was never the same although it got back up to a big market what with Foot and Mouth again in 2001, selling in the Internet, and many animals going straight to the abattoir, and now followed by T.B, and farmers diversifying is the reasons we are were we are.
The Market has also been abused and used by the Hatherleigh people since the start.
(Some) of the young people over the last 50 years have smashing light fittings, and windows, setting off fires, having the first experience of Sex, ( and not always the young) drug taking, secret assignations, and by dogs fouling,
I know I worked there for many years and had to pick up the wrappers?
And used
By the Churches ,Carnival Committee, and many organisation when wet for little or no payment. The stall holders pay less at hatherleigh than any other markets they attend.
I collected the rent for 20 years and it like getting blood from a stone.
The Market and Vicks have been a great friends to Hatherleigh They owe Hatherleigh nothing but Hatherleigh owes them big time and when I hear the criticisms of the Vick Family I find this offensive. As we go foreword into the 21st century let us all be positive for the area and not negative. Because it will change.

From J
I am concerned that there is going to be an accident at the Tuesday Market at Hatherleigh.
This concerns members of the public who - instead of using the car park - insist on driving through crowds of people to park outside the cafe area. On Tuesday 16th a lady with 2 young children was almost knocked over by a car trying to reverse out of this area.
Once stall holders are set up, this area should be a "non Parking" zone.
There is no one to supervise parking at this Market , people are allowed to park wherever they want to and If this parking "free for all" continues then there will be a serious accident.


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