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SAVE OUR BEDS fill in the forms on Tuesday 20th
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

December 17, 2016: I you want to travel to Tiverton to visit friends and family if admitted to your local community hospital, you will get your wish. If you want to have them admitted to your local NEW Hospital in Okehampton, please fill in the response form here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/T85TCPT. remember to fill in the other option on question 1 to include Okehampton. You may wonder why Tiverton is in all their favoured options, half an hour’s drive from Exeter. The reason is that it is a Public Private Initiative which has made it too expensive to close.

There is help to fill in the forms at the Cosden Room, Ockment Centre, 10 am -7.30 pm, Tuesday 20th December helping you to fill in the CCG Response Form. Help Sessions.

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Hatherleigh's town council opinion

 The meeting in the Charter Hall, on Wednesday 16th, regarding the “New Health Service” envisioned for our area started out with Dr. David Jenner outlining the new primary care system which put the emphasis on treating people at home as much as possible, using major hospitals for acute surgery. Outlined in the Consultation document “Your Future Care”. 
Angela Pedder O.B.E. said they had not done any modelling for the homecare option, which surprised the people in the hall.
Dr. Paul Neilson pointed out that in the past the funding for primary care had not increased while the care for acute care has increased significantly.
Dr. Jenner then turned the emphasis from the “Your Future Care” document to just about the closure of the beds at Okehampton Hospital.
Part of the consultation document has the preferred option keeping Tiverton, (as it is a PPI hospital, therefore cannot be closed), Seaton and Exmouth. All these Community Hospitals are East Devon and not easily accessible by public transport for a day return trip from the Okehampton area.The logic used for this being the preferred option was based on population figures, East Devon has a much greater population. Due to their logic Okehampton would not have enough potential patients to justify 16 beds with two qualified nurses. This would mean if you or your relative needs Community Hospital care they would be catered for in Tiverton, Seaton or Exmouth. If Okehampton Hospital stayed open occasionally someone from the east of the county would have to be hospitalised in Okehampton. While under the preferred option every person admitted in Okehampton area would have to be admitted to one of the hospitals in the East.
There was confusion about this, as there seemed to be a contradiction between the need for care at home provided by qualified  nursing staff, who would spend  considerable time driving around in this rural area versus the cost of two qualified staff at the hospital.
See the consultation document available on www.hatherleigh.net and on the www.newdevonccg.nhs.uk , email your view to the ccg d-ccg.YourFutureCare@nhs.net and or fill in the response form here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/T85TCPT



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