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MARKET Time to Act, For or Against get your voice heard.
By Neil Price, Co-Editor

July 19, 2018:

The Application states "Redevelopment of former Hatherleigh Cattle Market comprising 123 residential units, B1 employment space, A1 convenience store, medical centre, fur and feather auction facility, A1/A2/A3/D1 commercial units, market square, pavillion structure, associated infrastructure and energy compounds, pumping station and car parking" up from the 106 residential units as in a plan put forward by the Vick's consultants in 2014. This outline planning has now lapsed hence the reason for this application from Kingswood Homes.

The Market is under threat despite heroic efforts by a few to keep the Tuesday Market alive and well. So please comment to West Devon from this page click here! Too many houses? Or too few? Not enough parking? Or too many? At present we regularly get 200 cars in the Market car park on a Tuesday. Market general Plan here as PDF full size PDF here, also available on Westdevon Website amongst other supporting documents.
Example comment follows:-
“People before Profit
The market in Hatherleigh goes back many years, for it to demise like Okehampton would be a great loss to our area. The present application pays lip service to the market carrying on, but the odds are that it will die over the medium term.
The Market attracts hundreds of visitors every week, there were 200+ cars in the car park, at 10am on 17th July, the application does not cater for this number of visitors. Also most of the pitches do not have an area for the trader’s vehicles.
Markets provides

  1. A neutral meeting place to socialise and catch up, for not only the residents but for the wider area.
  2. Trade for many small businesses.
  3. A great tourist attraction for people from around the country and further afield.

Markets throughout the world provide these facilities, which are at the core community life. Who when travelling has not stopped off at the local market?
All this and more is put at risk by this proposal to build houses next to near the Abattoir, who will buy these properties? More importantly will the people living in them want to live in Hatherleigh and have pride in Hatherleigh? People who don’t have an emotional connection with a place will not contribute to the life of Hatherleigh.
I strongly support the appeal for the Market to become a Community Asset. It is an example of 1950’s traditional livestock market, of which there are very few left in the UK. There is always the possibility that there might be a return to livestock being sold again.
I am not against building of houses but they should complement the existing market, not the other way round.
I strongly urge the council to put People before Profit and reject this application and allow the area to evolve, bringing character to the area and something for the future generations to experience the joy of a thriving market.”



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