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We asked the Question in our Survey which went live on 13 January 2012

What Do you think makes Hatherleigh Special? Below are the replies recieved so far upto 18th Jan 2012

Its a totally unique market experience, that our holiday guests(160 last year) all find fascinating, they commented that it should be listed just like an old building with so much history

It's unique english country town, mix of old and new (cannot exeed the new now) its community

Hatherleigh is special because the market brings the community together either by selling produce or other items at the market or by being able to purchase products.

It is a delightful market town, compact and good facilities, with the market so close to the main street.

It's an old market, the like of which have been lost in so many other market towns. It has a special feel and really should not be lost.

A genuine community spirit that is enhanced by the Hatherleigh Market.

The people & the market

People and atmosphere

Still having a livestock market

Traditional market with local produce although it would be nice to have more. Also domestic livestock, plants and auction gives locals a chance to sell their surplus and unwanted items.

the fact that it still has a Cattle and weekly market, not all towns have this advantage.

Country people meeting up regularly doing business and socialising

There is no other market like it for poultry & produce, Holsworthy tries but misses the level of hatherleigh. Newton Abbot is not much. The history and tradition of Hatherleigh as a market town is very important.

The wonderful market which is the life and sole of the place. If the market was lost in Hatherleigh it would be like like life without sunshine. Its irreplaceable on so many levels and it sustains so many people in many different ways

I travel from Sometset just to visit the Tuesday market as there is not a market like it left in the country! I wouldn't visit hatherleigh again if the market was to go and I'm 23 years old. This market attracts a very wide range of peope.

It's not Exeter. Scenic, traditional Devon MARKET town.

Range of produce on sale, good range of household items at the auction and the livestock auction. Only market in Devon & Cornwall that offers such a wide range of fresh local produce with ample parking. The market is an asset to the town and the local suppliers who sell their produce there.

People come from a distance to the market, and they spend money in Hatherleigh while they are there. It has wide range of goods and is a heart within Hatherleigh. Without it, the town would have a lot less identitity.

Full of local characters, Selling local produce easy access off main road

Nice friendly people

its market and local community

Its a market town and thats why people come here . Tuesdays is the busiest day of the week in Hatherleighi other businesses will suffer if the market goes

The fact that we can still cross the road in relative safety. If the new estate is allowed access through the town via the bank it will become a dangerous place for our children....

the market and friends.

It`s the only one of it`s size near Winkleigh where I live. The market has a tremendous atmosphere and links communities up and contributes to the social wellbeing of the surrounding villages. Above all, it is part of the Devon culture and it`s loss would be a further erosion of an aspect of rural living.

Personal touch

It's our heritage.

The friendly community, the market is the nucleus of the town and the people radiate out from it.

the comunity getting together to keep the old traditions going, it is a very friendly and unique, with good old fashion values a very special place

The bringing together of people who can enjoy the market and auctions making it a very social and pleasant experience.

The Market

It's people, it's market and it's unique traditions.

Its part of Englands History.No other countrys can capture an English Market ambience.

It is one of the few remaining all round markets, in the West Country, if not in england. It is a place where you can purchase everything you need from local suppliers and where Farmers and small holders can sell their livestock at decent prices

The opportunity to buy a variety of goods at very reasonable prices and to meet up with friends and enjoy the atmosphere of the market place.

The market is still alive

The friendly atmosphere - always made to feel welcome

unique good atmosphere lovely people, tourist love a good old fashioned market.

It is the only remaining market of its type in the South West and one of the only remaining markets of its type in the whole of the United Kingdom. This is an important part of a traditional rural way of life which has been largely destroyed in the name of progress but in reality has suffered in the name of greed. The greed of large supermarkets and that of councilors seduced by the promices made by the supermarket chains.

It's a very community minded town.

Hatherleigh is special for many reasons. One of the main ones being that we are the smallest market town in the country. We have overcome many bad things like foot and mouth and unemployment in the area. Having the market sets us out amongst all the other pretty little villages and towns and gives us a unique niche.

Still a real rural town community. Very busy place with much to offer to it's population. Market is a real draw to the town from other areas in West Devon, and extremely useful to locals. Also very social event.

As a family we love to go to the tuesday market, also the poultry auction, and also horse sales, i live in Barnstaple and travel there quite happily, it is the only reason i would go to Hatherleigh. and would think it such a shame to get rid of it.

Tradition, a rural meeting place, uniqueness, ability to purchase things not ordinarily available locally, character, the constancy of the market as a focal point.

We live some distance away but we travel to the market regularly and we encourage our friends to experience the friendly community at the market.

The Community spirit

The community spirit, the free trade and the friendly atmosphere.

its weekly market

The Market, the public houses and the people who live there.

The market and old town feel - small enough to know most of the people.

Firstly...its People, welcoming, friendly, good natured, acutely aware of the social aspects of their town and, the great sense of involvement it all the various activities in the town. Secondly...the architecture/appearance/layout of the town itself. Has retained its 'old' image by not allowing new modern buildings to marr its High Street.

Bringing the communtiy together on market days and local produce sales.

the community spirit

I live in Liskeard and travel to Hatherleigh market every week. I go to the Tuesday market and the horse sales and anything else. This is the best market around. As a farmer and a horse owner it is vital it stays open. What makes it so special is its the only market of it's kind and size within miles of where I live. It covers a large aria of Devon and Cornwall. If the livestock market closes then buyers and sellers will have to travel further and incur higher transport costs.

sense of community, and the tuesday market was one of the reasons we came to live here.

Hatherleigh is a small town with a wonderful community spirit enhanced by the market.

The Carnival, the Market and it's size



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